There’s no doubt, should have visited this city 10 – 15 years ago.
Nowadays, it’s extremely crowded and commercial.
Another explanation might be that my preferences has changed over the last years.



The gigantic metronome in Letna Gardens

As a Prague visitor you have seen this device. So did I and I wondered, what’s the purpose of it?
I went up to it but no information were found on it or nearby. On the net I found it has no purpose other than filling a gap after
an enormous statue of Josef Stalin that was erected and removed after 7 years (1955-1962).
BS replacing BS.


As seen from the Hanavsky Pavilon in Letna Gardens.


And a little further east along the river I found these two buildings, side by side.
Very contrasty, if you ask me.



Prague TV Tower is 216 m high, and owned by Ceske Radiokommunikace, the biggest alternative telecommunication operator in the Czech Republic.


From the observation deck, 93 m above the ground, it’s said you can see 100 km, but not today, I think.
Reflections, dirt and air polution makes the visibility a little less impressive.



Tourist boats in the sluice. As many as possible at the same time.



Video: I’m not the only tourist here …

I have a way to go to get a more decent technical video quality. Hm.
A new day and I have tried to fix the technical quality, but the content is the same shit.


Prague Castle is a tourist trap of the same size as Charles bridge and I did not have the patience to wait for access to the impressive church.


Even if I am equipped with both a city map and having a mobile-phone containing a GPS-device and maps I managed to get lost today.
That’s something to brag about or maybe I should not have mentioned it ….
The good thing was that I accidentally found the zoo which I have planned to visit. Now I know where it is.


An excerpt from ’lonely planet Prague city guide’:
"The massive memorial building has all the elegance of the reactor house at a nuclear power station but the interior has the spectacular extragavanza of polished
marble and gilt, and its memorials – Soviet as well as Czech – allow a glimpse into a period of Czech history that many would prefer to forget."



The worlds worst tourist trap? Prague’s Charles Bridge is a strong competitor.
These days half of the bridge is closed for renovation, but people does not seem to notice.
The result is that the same amount of people are crossing the bridge having only half the space available.



Just to prove that I’ve arrived and that I’ve been outside.


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